I use Prettier for work to format my code on save and it’s awesome. It supports all major file formats including JavaScript, HTML, JSON, CSS. 

Live Server

No day without Live Server! You don’t wanna reload your website every time to see changes. Like 1000 times clicking reload button. No-no.


Improves your speed of writing HTML & CSS with the use of various dynamic snippets. For example, just enter a ! and here is your basic HTML template ready.  Have to admit I should make more use of it in the future.

Debugger For Chrome

Add breakpoints and step through code directly within your code editor.

VSCode Icons

I’ve NO idea what it is, but will definitely try it out. Supposed to make everything prettier. 


The only way to work with git is to see what’s going on. GitLens shows you the graph with all the branches and their current state, and you can just right click them to merge, rebase etc..

Do you use VS Code? I should have probably started with that question If yes, can you recommend some useful extensions?