Which city to choose to live in Germany?

Some weeks ago I’ve asked you in a story poll if you wanna learn more about which cities are better for work and studying in Germany. Today we’ll take a look at some of the best cities for work. 

3 best cities in Germany for work (on my list) are:


Berlin is the capital and largest city in Germany with growing population of 3.7 million people. 

Berlin has a vibrant culture and is home to the largest population of expats from all over the world. 

Berlin is also the start-up capital of Europe, and global companies such as Volkswagen, Pfizer, and SAP have locations in the city. With opportunities such as this, Berlin is perfect for expats seeking jobs in science and technology.

Living costs are also the most moderate from the cities in this list.


Frankfurt is the fifth biggest German city and it is a global leading financial center. In Frankfurt, you’ll find HQs for the European Central Bank, German Federal Bank, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and Deutsche Bank. These companies for sure need software engineers too. 

Taken into consideration this variety of modern industries in Frankfurt and finances, they generate for you way above living costs make this place one of the best German cities for work. Yet another indication of its attractiveness for work is the low percentage rate of unemployment, which traditionally lies below the average of around 5% in Germany.


The largest city in the state of Bavaria and 3d largest in Germany, Munich is a home to major global corporations including BMS, Siemens, and MunichRE. The city enjoys a strong international profile in the industrial sector, particularly in Engineering, innovative technology and health industries.

With more than 530,000 people of foreign backgrounds, about 37.7% of Munich’s population consists of people from other nations.

Cost of living in Munich is higher compared to the majority of German cities. Fortunately, wages stand well above the national average thanks to a large supply of highly qualified employees.

Now, it of course depends on which lifestyle preferences you have. If you like small cities and slow paced life, non of the above will be for you. My advice: Find a city that has the most job opportunities in your industry and decide if you want to live in a small or a big city. 

Let me know what you favourite german city is.